Gratuitous Cubase 6 Thread

Announcement at NAMM, eh?

Before everyone moves to Protools, PT9 with an mbox 2 for under £300 and you can use any audio interface, can’t be bad. I wonder how many people are actually switching though.

I’m hoping CB6 will sort out the screen resizing issue and lack of warping across grouped tracks and I’ll be happy to upgrade.

This is a gratuitous cubase 6 thread reply, not much different to my other posts come to think of it :unamused:

Gratuitous bump for a matrix, multi-out Instrument Tracks, and multi-track Beat Detective-like feature.

Is this a C6 FR thread?

If so, give me Track Presets for instruments on the VST Rack

Who’s moving to PT9? It’s still crippleware and lacking in features compared to Cubase. No fast bounce, no freeze, 32 bit only, still limits track count, very limited video functionality unless you buy an add-on kit, etc, etc.

  1. Moveable frozen VSTi parts

  2. Mono Batch export by track and part instead of by audio output channel

  3. Tabbed workspace like Sonar

Those have always been my big three requests that I’ve wanted for years, especial the infamous #1!

I really hope that Cubase 6 is a lean, one window type DAW re-coded for efficient CPU/Core use (even load distribution) rather than just a bunch of bloat ware add-ins. Come on Steinberg, you invented VST and other DAW’s are hosting (far) more efficiently! I think Cubase (and Ableton Live, the other DAW I frequently use) have both suffered from ‘feature creep’ rather than core stability and efficiency, at the end of the day, new sexy features make good marketing, better CPU utilisation doesn’t…

ProTools has the professional status (the ‘industry standard’ label carries weight with some people) that will leave it in it’s own bracket for some time (personally I don’t get it), I’m sure some people will now switch if PT offer a good cross grade deal.

Having just put Reaper on my laptop ($40 for a full licence, a fraction of the cost of a Cubase ‘upgrade’) I think it will be Reaper that Cubase (and Logic) has to contend with, check their forum, for some reason everyone is happy…

Nope. Chris already said the UI won’t be changing (redesigned) for Cubase 6. Maybe Cubase 7?

Bummer; I honestly think Steinberg are going to have to do something really significant with 6 given the progress other DAWs are making.

For $40, I may purchase it if - for no other reason - to get the plug-ins that come with it. Or are they hard-tied to Reaper, i.e. they can’t be used with any other VST host?

The plug ins with reaper are very powerful (unlimited band eq, compressor etc, 64 bit) This months sound on sound raves about EQ. Now the catch- they are completely free, stand alone and run as vst in any host!

That said, I highly recommend paying the 40 bucks (even though the demo is full and unlimited, only protected by a nag screen…the licence purchase is more of an honesty system!). It is a great DAW, has many unique features and can be run of a USB pen on any computer. The 64 bit version is highly stable running 32 bit plugs natively (the main reason I bought it, to use my laptop as a host/instrument to cubase)- you can re skin it to look like protools or cubase! if you buy V3 now for 40 bucks, all upgrades to V5 are free, looking at the way reaper upgrade, that’s about 20 free upgrades…The reaper developers are a paradigm shift compared to the big commercial teams.

I hope Steinberg develop an instrument track type that will incorporate the instrument rack. This will allow to save and load multitimbral vsti’s as presets with their complex routing.

I also hope REVerence will regain dry/wet control on all track types and what’s more important I’d like it to be able to do correct panning with true stereo IR’s when used as FX return and generally to have some 3D positioning system when operating in stereo.