Grayed out tracks

I’ve just restarted some old projects I began a few years ago, in Cubase 5. Some of the midi tracks are grayed out, with none of the controls working. The sound, however is fine and so is thoriginal automation. I can’t control anything on the track, or even open it in the key editor. I’ve copied the tracks into an instrument track, copying to a midi track leaves no option to bring in a vst. There is no way to enable/disable or delete and the tracks are not frozen.
Any help out there?!!


What Cubase version (and edition) do you use right now? Han’t been the limit of the track(s) count reached?

I’m using, in this case, Cubase5, and, no, the limit has not been reached.


Isn’t the track disabled?

Are you talking about the track or the Events/Parts in the track? Could you attach a screen, please?


This is very old Cubase version (probably 5?). Sampler Track wasn’t part of this Cubase version, so it’s unknown Track type for Cubase. Therefore it’s greyed out and it doesn’t play back.