Great 2.7 Update with Interapp midi routing working fine!

To me, this is one of the most important updates in years!

Finally, I am able to use Korg Module and other important apps, which are only available in interapp format (not as AU plugins), with proper midi channel handling. I no longer have to record an external keyboard controller on midi channel 1, then reroute the track to the midi channel I want, and back and forth. Instead now it is possible to forward incoming midi to the midi channel of my choice directly and permanently, via midi thru. That’s a BIG difference in workflow and has brougth Cubasis back to regular mobile recording use for me.

Together with the other welcome goodies from the update list, I really appreciate this update!
Congrats to the Steinberg team for making Cubasis much more useable!

I completely agree with you a hundred percent. Thanks in Steinberg a ton.


Hi jimknopf, Hi BrianL,

Thank you very much for your positive comments.

Our engineering and QA did invest lot of time in refreshing MIDI thru with the latest Cubasis 2.7 update.
Furthermore many external beta testers were involved in supporting us to proof, things work as expected.

Good to hear all of this has paid off, and you, our customers are happy with what we’ve achieved.

Thanks for supporting us in the beta phase of this one!