Great .5 Release! Good job Steinberg - THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!

Even though I’ve probably made every macro possible, great to see this area has been improved and will help people who haven’t already, get into macros. Certainly easier managing and refining my current list of macros will be appreciated when I have to.

IMPORT TRACKS > FOLDERS! Huge, way huge. Such a time saver and workflow feature that it will become a creative thing, to be able to just drop in a particular drum routing mix setup retaining all mix settings, routing to groups, fx, etc. The update is way worth it for just this alone.

The built in frequency comparison - very cool to have that instantaneously, even if you use 3rd party plugs for EQing.

LUFS Normalize! HUGE! This is worth $50 alone.

Safe Start without Plugins! Huge problem resolver.

The more tangible MIDI Retrospective Record will be very very appreciated in moments, I could have used this 100 times this year.

Some cool new plugins and PadShop 2


Curious about what the Project Logical Editor changes/additions were regarding Folders.


More features not mentioned here or in the highlights, videos from Greg

Editing Enhancements in Cubase | New Features in Cubase 10.5

Mixing Enhancements | New Features in Cubase 10.5

Workflow Enhancements | New Features in Cubase 10.5

Walkthrough of the New MultiTap Delay | New Features in Cubase 10.5

Separate Snap on and Snap Off, yesssss

I was initially lukewarm about the .5 upgrade, thinking I’d wait this one out, but having read the new feature set and watched the Greg Ondo videos, I think I am sold. Quite a lot of the changes will directly benefit my workflow.

The option to combine the Object and Range selection tools looks brilliant, a bit like the recent improvements to handling audio in Variaudio, which I have grown to really like.

Unless I see a concensus of people struggling with stability or CPU load, I’ll buy in the next few days.

Yes, the ability to also menu select stacked takes on a track could also be nice instead of having to open up your lanes and find the event.

Have upgraded and am pretty happy for my £51 spent; yes, they did listen on quite a few things… :slight_smile:

I have a question if you guys have a minute to send me your thoughts. After I update Cubase 10 to 10.5 I still seem to have version 10 installed. So Cubase 10.5 does not actually update version 10? Look like I have both version 10.5 and version 10. I am using a MacBook and wanted to know If I can deleted the Cubase 10 version? If so, is it safe to?


Exactly the kind of update I wanted. Workflow and timesaving features overall. The Import from project feature is worth the upgrade alone. Think about it…

You are recording drum tracks across 10 songs. This will allow you to take the settings from the first song you work on without explicitly saving it.
You are recording a live band. This will allow you to take the settings from the first song you work on without explicitly saving it.
You want the FX from a different project you worked on.
You want a quick setup of groups from another song.

Yes, or import templates. You could create templates specifically for the purpose of importing into projects, so you can have a main template that is actually bare minimum and loads nice and quick, and then load in what you need from your full big template.

Fully agree with the good vibes on 10.5 update. Can see Cubase turning into something ridiculously slick over the next few updates. Keep listening steinberg…you’re tuning in to the right vibes…

Agreed. There are still plenty of things to make better, refine and improve, but 10.5 is such a great update in so many ways. I look forward to what’s coming next as far as refinements and further workflow improvements. Good stuff!

Agreed! And now I don’t have to check if cycle is turned on every time I click in the top locator range! Oh yeah, and those new import from project options, Fantastic!

CB 10.5 is installed as a separate program. So you can delete CB 10 at your convenience. Many people keep both versions until they are sure the new version is working as expected.

Regards :sunglasses:

Finally fixed ‘Show Cubase Pro Desktop’ - Took Steinberg what… 2 years to fix in a paid upgrade! Good job… nahh i don’t think so.

Like the new update though, but still alot of bugs to iron out.

Have to agree, great update!
Had problems with Autotune 8, but apart from that everything’s better.
I can now use Omnisphere again which I haven’t worked since 9.5.
In Cubase 10 it’s been lagging, chaning a patch took 20-30 and while doing that the computer was unresponsive.