Great acoustic guitar instrument?

I have the lovely Vienna Symphonic Library, Vienna Suite, Kontakt 5, Stylus, Omnisphere, and need a high quality guitar VST instrument for playing and building phrases and textures.
Any suggestions?

Cubase 6.0.7
Carillon audio system (32gb Ram)

Thanks - looks v good!

And the important Thing is, sounds very good and brilliant.


just to start with :wink:

That does sound good. Do you know if there’s a demo anywhere? I couldn’t see one?

Also, after having bought other guitar emulation software that is more difficult to learn than playing the guitar itself, do you know if there is a good manual for it?


Hi Neil,

Some also like Orange Tree.

Myself though, I’d like to get Ilya Efimov’s Acoustic Guitar Bundle which includes a Nylon Guitar also, but I chose to buy Cubase 7 first instead. :mrgreen:

The bundle gives both strumming & picking of both styles of guitar.

His stuff is expensive but good quality.

Looks to me like you buy quality things.

He seems to have a different weekly special which is usually 15% off something, so I try to check in when I remember to.

Here’s a dumb question…does everyone here use a keyboard as great as some of these demos might illustrate? I don’t need guitar sounds as I am a guitar player…it’s every other instrument I really need to emulate…

Barring that, its either me accompanying me or a few guys I play together with. That however would be live AND outside of any studio type environment. I am hoping the Cubasis app will help with some " portable " live recording with a good mini interface.

It leads me to believe that in my home studio, I am limited to midi loops with my accompanying guitar tracks… Is this correct or am I missing something

I’m sorry that this is a little off topic

midi pick up for your guitar

Thanks G-string,

I actually have a few midi and synth access guitars. Was thainkng of trying the Fishman triple play. we had a thorough discussion in the Cubase Music Lounge a few months back just before its release. I am particularly happy with the Brian Moore iGuitar and its sensitivities, there is just not the system out there yet that can do the same as a keyboard however.

Some of the keyboard demos I have seen are just amazing. Close your eyes and you are listening to terrific guitar or saxophone, drums…well, you know. The guitars just do not track that way no matter how you adjust your playing style.

I can get a few good sounds but it is still limited…thanks for the suggestions.