Great band tracking experience...

Just wanted to speak up with a bit of positive…

Had a band in the other night and was planning on using Nu5.55.
The night before I did some tests with Nu6. Recording 16 sources for 10 minutes at a time.
Not a single glitch so I ended up going with Nu 6 for the session.

The ability to save input routings as presets
combined with the multi-track preset functions make
setting up and recording “on the fly” very fast.
These were existing songs so using a template wouldn’t work.
Of course those functions were available in Nu5 as well.

Editing the drums, several hundred edits, was no problem.
I didn’t use the new group track editing feature.(Nu5)
I just grouped the tracks manually and started cutting.
Interface hasn’t slowed down at all.
Ended up replacing the snare using hit points and Groove Agent One.
It was fast and sounds great.

Having the new EQ frequency response available at all times was a huge help.
Would be nice if it was easier to see more then one channel at a time though.

I use one 32 inch, 1080 TV/Monitor fed by my motherboard graphics controller.
No video card. I keep the mix console open but not maximized.
The only thing that bothered me was the mix console key command…
Please fix this in the next update. The mix console is only the 2nd most
used window in the program…It should have been working properly from day one.

Windows 7 32bit
i7 3770k
12gb (8gb just waiting for its chance)