Great Days Ahead

It’s very rare that I get to do any of my own music, but I decided for my birthday (DEC 17) I would write a song and here it is. Haven’t sung in a few years. I played every instrument.

>>>“Great Days Ahead”<<<

Great Days Ahead
Great Days Ahead

Saw my shadow yesterday
I will teach it to play
Because it was down

Showed my shadow dance of grace
To the sun we will race
It’s where we’ll be found

Great Days Ahead
Great Days Ahead

Feeling sunshine on my face
Time to break from the race
And get unbound

Drinking sunshine on this day
I will now chase the rays
Before it goes down


Great Days
Great Days

1920’s German Shop Double Bass
Larrivee L-03 all Mahogany
Tacoma Papoose
Coc.ktail Kit

Here is a picture of the instruments and mic setups.

The acoustics were recorded with an MS array (U87 center/KSM353 fig8 side into JLM Audio tmp8) and a XY (AT4051s into MPX4A) setup then blended. The coc.ktail kit has a couple of Rode K2s/NOS siemens tubes XY into Pendulum Audio MDP1s. Vox were recorded with a LeWilson 247c into a Mindprint DTC/NOS JAN-Sylvania. Not crazy about the sound of the vox. I haven’t sung in a few years. Should have used a smoother mic or different pre like my LA610 but I was too lazy to change it because I have so limited time to do my own things. Double bass was recorded with the u87 setup.

Hope you enjoy. :slight_smile:

Belated happy birthday! That’s a nice sound you have there, well recorded and good harmonies. Well done!


Thanks Jerry. :slight_smile:

Nice job! Has a ‘retro’ sound that works for this song.
Love the harmonies!


Nicely done! Reminds me a lot of Simon and Garfunkel in terms of the sparse mix, the guitar, and especially the lyrics.

Liked it a lot! It’s a clever composition, well recorded and mixed. I like the way it changes the rhythmic feel from section to section. Loved the sound of the acoustics. I also liked your vocals a lot, but the reverb on them did jump out at me right away; maybe that’s why Wim said it had a “retro” sound. Otherwise, it has an “indie” sound. Really nice!

Just bumping this because there should be more attention to this one. We can all learn from this guy, and it’s really nice to listen to.

Fun tune. Well done! No critique out of me. Just listen and enjoy.

Great job.

I’m a bit late to the party on this one. Nice track, acoustics and musicianship. Good stuff.