Great Feature

To the team at Dorico.
Thank you! I was commissioned to write a piece for a festival which I did in Dorico (the only thing I missed was an 'explode function). The organisers decided to expand the participants and wanted to include intermediate and junior groups to the performance. I was able to create separate layouts for each group, each with its own formatting within the master file. I could open two windows and have different scores showing in each and easily copy between them. It was slow at first until I manually turned off the Halion playback then zipped along. Each ensemble now has its own score and parts to rehearse while the main score has everything for the performance. Absolutely brilliant.

Just as a note when I was extracting the parts to PDF I had to do it in small numbers, perhaps 5-8 at a time or Dorico froze and I had to force quit and try again.

Great software and love where it’s going, all with genuine and caring support.
Thanks all.

(Please can we have ‘explode’!?)

I’m really pleased your project went well and that Dorico was able to contribute to its success.

We won’t have an explode feature in the next update, but we will have filtering features that will allow you to filter specific notes in chords and then paste them independently, which can be used as a kind of ersatz manual explode feature.

That will be fantastic, thank you!

And when can we expect this gem to be released? I think we are all frothing at the mouth in anticipation!

Soon, but the schedule is determined by getting chord symbols and repeat endings ship-shape.

It’s safe to say that this will be the largest Dorico update yet, by some distance: chord symbols, repeat endings, editable note spacing, piano pedaling, improvements to enharmonic spelling during input, filters, voice editing operations, editing in Write mode, flow management features (duplicate flow, import/export flows, etc.), score following in Write mode during playback, support for MIDI devices for playback, basic navigation features (go to bar, previous/next flow), dynamic grouping/ungrouping, trigger commands from your MIDI keyboard, MusicXML import options, easier handling of the VST2 whitelist, slur improvements, dozens of bug fixes… hopefully it will make a lot of you reasonably happy.

The update will probably take some more time, but what about Development diary, part 17? :slight_smile:

Hats off to the Dorico Team! Thank you for always listening to us, your dedication, patience with some of us that aren’t always so patient, and always going the extra mile!

Indeed! Chord symbols. An absolute must for this guitar man. Thanks, Daniel. I just decided to abandon my shopping cart at AVID for an 11th-hour renewal of my Upgrade and Support Plan for Sibelius. They treat long-time loyal customers like a faceless orphan if one lets his/her support plan lapse. One must pay full price to get back on The Plan. Owing to the dearth of improvements over the past few years, combined with a failure to fix historic bugs (like connected harp glissando passages), I have decided to put all my faith and hope in Dorico. Let’s go!

Trigger commands from your MIDI kb? I’m delightfully intrigued. If I’m reading between the lines correctly, one could, for instance, take certain keys at the extremes of your keyboard and assign various key commands? Or those keyboards that have attached midi pads and dials might be assignable? (knob that controls score zoom, or the midi pads could change note values) That would be terribly exciting.

You won’t be able to use faders or rotary controls to map to commands in the next update, but keys and buttons/pads will be assignable to commands of your choice via the Key Commands page of Preferences.

This is awesomely exciting! It’s amazing what the team is coming up with. We are all so grateful!