Great Features in Cubase 7 (and probably 8) - kudos!

I just wanted to mention some workflow enhancers that are super cool and helpful that I’m ecstatic are available!

  1. When a track is selected in the project window, it then is automatically highlighted in the endlessly long list of tracks listed in the “Visibility” and “Zone” tabs. That makes it SO much easier to locate these tracks in those lists … without being highlighted it would be a major headache to find them!

  2. “Set Definition from Tempo” - perfect for people who work on tracks recorded without a click track, but then want to adjust the tempo. Fantastic!

  3. The “new” comping (as of 6.5?). Easy to kind of take for granted now, but really it is very powerful. Especially the “shift” function (CTRL-ALT-Click, iirc) - more often than not it helps me avoid the need for crossfading between two takes. Great!