Great Guitar App That Sends MIDI TO CUBASIS

Hello all. Thanks for all of the great replies so far. You’ve been great for a noob like me.

I’m looking to purchase an well rounded app with sampled acoustic chords and strummed chords. Unfortunately Sampletank only has individual notes. I know you can program individual guitar samples using single notes to play chords, but nothing beats having a real musician actually play them for realism. I’m looking for some acoustic Spanish guitars for a 60’s Brazilian Bosa Nova track I’m working on (like Stan Getz/Gilberto). Also the guitar app has to play well with Cubasis. Thanks.

Edit: Also would like the guitar app to play to send MIDI data so Cubasis can record it on a MIDI track.


Without hesitation I recommend Guitarism by Rhism. I’ve tried dozens and none come close. Seriously , not close .

It has a great acoustic guitar out of the box, then other guitars as IAP,s… Electric, 12 strings etc. Effects and amp models by AUFX ( good) are also available if you don’t want to use other third party solutions.
It plays chords, and tapped notes wonderfully … though there’s no scale/ solo mode, so you are limited by the notes within chords.
It has MIDI out which actually works … A 3 channel solution which let’s you select channels for chords, notes, and bass note separately. Works in Cubasis. MIDI activation might be an IAP too… Not expensive though.

No, MIDI input for its own sounds

Other than that the Garage Band has really nice guitar instruments but no way to use them outside,of the App.

The old standbys Guitar and Shred by Frontier are still the best soloing apps … please someone correct me if I’m wrong … But they may not even be in the store these days, and don’t support AudioBus or MIDI.

You also might consider Thumbjam … and go on a hunt for the right sounds. More of a Sample playback instrument but It’s great for MIDI control… chords are possible but a pain IMO.

Hope this helps

Thanks for the Guitarism recommendation Itf3!