Great News for MAC users/32 bit in newer Cubase (like 8.5)

Sound Radix has just released an updated version of 32Bit Lives. Originally made for Logic it now includes a fully working rescan procedure for older 32 bit plugins and instruments in VST format. The rescan will give you an interface like it was a real 64 bit. No bridging. No fumbling around with “where is my interface”. They are just there fully workable and adjustable.

Here are some of the plugs/instruments converted and fully functional as “64bit”:

  • Access Virus for Powercore
    Antares Audio plugin - The whole range
    GMEDIA - MTron (the old version, the MTron Pro is 64 bit already)
    IKMultimedia - SampleTank 2, Samplemoog, Sampletron, Sonic synth, the older reverbs, compressors, limiters, older AMPEG
    LPou Guitar amplifiers
    M-Audio Key Rig
    Lexicon M 200 (and 300)
    MOTU Symphonic Instrument
    Native Instruments B4
    Native Instruments Battery 3 and all other older 32 bit pluggs
    Sonivox Dvi (among them Talk box)
    Sumbersible - Drumcore 3
    TAL Reverb/Vocoder/Filter/Dub
    TC electronic - The whole Powercore series
    TC Helicon - The whole Powercore series
    Powercore - Everything I got (and that is a lot) (see also above)
    Tone 2 Warmverb (the one that come bundles with some hardware or free with some mags)
    CM some older plugs that came free with the mag, among them Zebra and Dune for CM

I was really missing Motu, Key Rig, The old MTron interface and to have things like Virus and other Powercore pluggs in a 64 bit interface environment. Now it is there! I have been using jBrigde for a while and that is good, but this is far better.

The only thing that did not work was Steinbergs own Groove Agent 3 and 32Bit Lives can unfortunately not help with stone age plugs like Groove Agent 2, Broomstick and Wizooverb. For some strange reason KeyRig works, but not BassRig.