Great News for Yamaha ;)

HAMAMATSU, JAPAN—Despite concerns over the recent global recession, Yamaha Corporation president Mitsuru Umemura announced last week that he…


Check your undies waistband Steve, I’ll bet it says Yamaha (especially now that you’re a mod) :wink: :blush: :laughing:

I am just happy to help. And also, it’s great that my undies are bug free! :astonished:

:laughing: We’re all happy for you :confused:

To your original post, what a diversified company. :open_mouth:

Several important Yamaha product lines were overlooked; for instance, outboard boat engines, where Yamaha is an industry leader. That news report is yet another example of shoddy journalism which should not be tolerated!


Pretty funny. They forgot to mention electric and acoustic guitars too. I love Yamaha.

To those who read the Onion blog, name the differences between the three (overproduction, quota and focus) lists without looking! *

I doubt anyone who does not have eidetic memory could remember more than three things from any one of the lists.

  • The answer is: everything. No item appeared on more than one list. Talk about obscurification.