Great NEWS from Steinberg!

Great NEWS from Steinberg! :smiley:

Support for older products
December 9, 2014

Steinberg announced today that it is discontinuing its technical support for several older products and operating systems as of January 5th, 2015. The reason for this decision is to use the available resources to make its customer support for current products quicker and more efficient.
Operating systems

Windows XP
Mac OS X 10.4/10.5

Host applications

Cubase 5 product family
Sequel 2
WaveLab 6 product family

I hope Steinberg drop 32bit support too when they at it.

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Unless you are completely 64-bit (including all of your go to VSTs) then dropping 32-bit support would be very, very bad.

No I don’t think so people that still use x32bit are a minority.
If you haven’t already its time for you to update to x64bit.
I can promise you, you won’t look back! :wink:

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It’s not the OS. It’s the VST manufacturers. A number of them are still 32-bit only. And using the 64 to 32 bridge is not always the best option.

Even Steinberg have some 32bit plugins only…Virtual Guitarist &…

While we can’t expect Steinberg or anyone else to continue support on products forever, which I fully understand, some of the products listed for end of support above aren’t that old IMO, Cubase 5 & WaveLab 6!!! about forced obsolescence. I disagree with 32 bit & Win XP users being all that small of a minority, there are millions of people on the planet still using it.

But whatever, I really have never needed any ‘support’ and can/always have figured things out on my own. For people who are legacy users, as long as you’re legacy all the way, everything will continue to work fine. It’s not like you’re stuff is going to blow up.


They’re just dropping direct support for them, and let’s face it, how many times have you had to contact Steinberg about support on any of these products recently? The products will still work as before, and you’ll still have the option of asking the rest of us here for assistance. So, I wouldn’t worry too much, and I’d much prefer resources were devoted to moving forwards. It’s not medical equipment we’re talking about here.

I once read that the US military was still using Win 98 at the time Win XP was nearing, or passed the end. I wonder what they’re using now…Vista? :laughing:

Cubase 5 was made in the days of Windows XP, therefore if the OS cannot be supported then neither can the applications.

Cubase 5 may have been updated to work on WIndows Vista, but in this respect; no product support is needed as there is a well serviced forum.

what difference does that make to you

64 bit works better and is more secure.

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i use 64 bit ,i find it much better for useability but takes twice as long for cubase to load up when starting the program.
i was just asking the O.P why it concerns him ,it isn`t him giving support to 32 bit users.

Freddie H - you’re outta control.


It concern everyone.
As long they keep 32bit compatibility new technology and modern solutions for the programmers need to be set on hold.
And that are really stupidity because noone need or want to use 32bit anymore.

Same with 16bit softwares. Do you see anyone use 16bit programs lately?

And still if you try to run example new Cubase PRO 8 x32 it takes 900-1200 MB RAM just launched the program. You have then 300mb RAM left to use in x32bit system. That is like a cowbell and a banjo and you are done. The maximum limit is 1500 MB RAM in x32bit.

You say it takes twice as long to load up Cubase. There you go, that is just one thing that could be more effective if they finally skip 32bit support. AVID and PRO TOOLS has already made that change.

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Yes. I use couple of 16-bit programs in regular basis.

What? :open_mouth:

I still play Pong. Does that count? :mrgreen:

Dude! My avatar is an 8-bit C64 program!

Same here.

I don’t care about bit rate. I care about sound.
So if it works and sounds good, I will use it.

Typical example:
I whip it out (ha!), use it, render it to audio, put it back and
‘bob’s yer uncle’!