Great news! NI are going VST3

I just noticed the latest updates from Native Instruments include a VST3 version of Kontakt, which for me is great news as this is one of the last VST2 instruments I still use.

Just at a quick glance, there are also VST3 versions of VC 2A, VC 76 and VC 160, so presumably more will follow.

Perhaps this is the influence of their recently announced partnership with iZotope - I’m happy anyway!

You’re still unable to drag and drop files from cubase in to kontakt however.

Do you mean dragging Steinberg samples from the Media Bay to Kontakt? If yes, this is a Steinberg limitation not Kontakt.

Unfortunately the features I’ve dreamt about in Kontakt aren’t mentioned… implementing the Steinberg Note Expression tuning commands. One of those “I’d pay for that” features for me.

From an audio track to kontakt - you can do it on plenty of other 3rd party vsts.