Great Problems after Update 4.2.20

Hello everybody,

since the update no longer show the buttons Load / Edit / Mixer etc.
the right functions / window.
To load a drumset, I have to click “Edit”.

It is not about the SE version, but the full version.

The window below the buttons also have problems: I have in the FX1 a Reverb there - I can not switch to a different effect, still press the e button, even switch to bypass.

I removed Groove Agent completely and installed it new, and only the update 4.2.0 - but the problem is still here.

What can i do?

Hi Stefan,

Could you please provide some system details so we can have a look at it?

One thing you could try upfront is to restart your system. Go to the start menu and just restart your machine.
It sounds weird, but on Windows it is a big difference between shutting down/starting the system and direct restarting from within Windows.

Also having problems after latest update.

Works ok for a while. Then after clicking on any of the instruments pad I get a “serious error” message.
After that GUI doesn’t respond to mouse at all.
Crash (1.58 MB)