Great Rieger Organ

The Rieger organ sounds fantastic in the pieces I have put into Dorico. It would be great if i could change the registration in the middle of a movement. Currently I have to create a new organ for each registration change.
I am a convert from Sibelius after many problems and lack of support from Avid. You are doing a great job with Dorico.
Thanks Paul Hampshire

Can you clarify what “The Rieger Organ” is? Is this a VST? Hauptwerk Sampleset? What exactly are you referring to here?

I assume it is the VSL Great Rieger Organ. If so, Combinations of Stops can be selected via keyswitches, program changes or control change messages.

What I would do is to create playing techniques with the name of the Combinations, and associate them to the relevant MIDI message in an expression map.



Hi James it’s from VSL.

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