Great Sampler Track Trick! (Multi-sample anything quickly)

hi guys! i love the new Sampler Track Slice function!!!

Try this:

(i have most of it in a macro, so its super fast)

  1. Make a VSTi part with 4/4 notes from, for example, C1 to C3 or C2 to C5 depending on what you want.
    Smaller ranges are easier to handle.
    Any vsti will do, but the lighter the better, so it doesnt slow down the midiabay later.

  2. Save as midi loop

  3. Program an awesome bassline etc, on a super heavy plugin like Diva, with all the fx you want.

  4. Drag midiloop from step 2 onto the Diva track

  5. Render

  6. Find Selected In Pool

  7. Reveal In Finder

  8. Rename
    9 copy to your sample folder so you dont loose it (i do this with a macro)

  9. Drag to Sampler Track

  10. Choose Slice, and set to the right Grid and Tempo

  11. Save preset

I use this all the time on basslines now, it works really well

Multi sampling with Sampler Track rocks!!!