Great Steinberg repair service

I recently had to ship a faulty MR816CSX back to Steinberg in Germany for repair.

I shipped it on a Friday - they received it the following Monday, repaired it and shipped it back to me the following day - no charge!

That is fantastic service in anybody’s book.

That’s great to know and scores some points for Steinberg!

Thank you for some positive feedback! :slight_smile: If the spare parts are on stock and it is not a major issue, the turnaround time is usually very good. Also the good thing is that the spare parts and components used on the MR devices are at least partly identical to the ones Yamaha uses which makes any repair easier at the service center.

I must ask did your MR have warranty?
If not how much did you pay?
I´m afraid my MR is broken and i have no warranty since i bought it second hand.

As I said, they fixed it with no charge. I originally bought 6 MR’s so that may have influenced their decision not to charge me anything. In any event, different problems might cost different amounts to repair.

Best of luck


Wow 6 units
Yeah that sure made a difference i dont think they do the same for a person who buy one unit second hand

We don’t make a difference if it’s one unit or six (sorry Chris :wink: ) and I can only speak for most parts of Europe here but if the device is still under warranty, the repair is free of charge.
Our repair center is also working for Yamaha so most of the times, spare parts are on stock and the repair is done within 48 hours.
For an old second hand unit, the repair time is the same but the repair won’t be free of charge anymore of course. The repair center can provide a cost estimation though.