Great tool for drawing CC Controller/Automation Values

Hi all,

Anyone know of a really great tool for manually drawing automation curves and CC controller curves? Right now I only use my mouse which works great, but tweaks my wrist after some usage. Looking for a more safe and possily quicker way to draw my roller coaster curves! (don’t let my wife know I am talking like this, she might get jealous)…

Thank you!


MIDI Controller?

I have plenty of midi controllers and use those during live recording. But how does that help me draw in a natural curve, manually without the song in some sort of playback mode? Additionally, they do not draw nearly as detailed a curve as you can manually (at least none of mine can). And even if they could, the curve is never 100% perfect of what I want in the end, so manually editing is the only option after that.

What I do is record in real time to get a decent feel for the curve with my midi controllers. Then I go back and edit that curve and re-draw it completely with a much more detailed and smooth curve using my mouse. What I want is something that can replace that mouse possibly for a more safe approach.

Any ideas? I do have an iPad but I do not see any apps for this.


Are you dissatisfied with the various Line Tool options (instead of the pencil)?

I tried the line tool options but they were never accurate enough. I have found that once I really got to know my library, such as LASS or VSL, I instantly know exactly now what needs to be drawn to make it do the exact sound I need (or swell/fade away). I tried the line tools but they were to generic and didn’t optimally give me the results I needed. The lines themselves from the tool are perfectly drawn, they just don’t draw exactly the pattern best suited for my need. Especially for large sampled string libraries and orchestral instruments that want extreme dynamic curves to get best results.

i know what you mean.

Maybe if we could save a particular controller curve for future use? Of course it can be copy/pasted, but that’s not convenient across projects. Something like Select controller data>save selected as…

Hi all,

In case anyone cares :slight_smile: I did kind of find a nice work around for this. I bought a brand new trackball mouse from Logitech. With this mouse it has typical left and right click big buttons, but also had two tiny buttons on the left and right side. The software let’s you configure what those do. I set my tiny left button to “cursor lock”. This means it acts as an on and off switch for holding down the left click. So basically when I hit this button it locks the curser and then I am free to use the trackball to freestyle draw my curves.

Works like magic once I got the speed of the cursor adjusted. This is really saving my wrist and working nicely so far.