Great update, but ... Film work?

I’d reiterate what others have said here and also say thank you for the very fine v8 update. Personally, had been waiting for the Cubase UI features which I’d been missing. So nice to use them again here.

Overall, the update went very smoothly: left my v7 install intact (just in case), pulled all of the v7 preferences, templates etc across perfectly, and now loads and plays all of my earlier and current projects exactly as it should. The new video engine works well (although I experience no performance difference, likely what its meant to do). As before, scrubbing and jogging are excellent with the various codecs & containers I give it.

However, this is still my ‘beef’ and request (not wanting to sound like a broken record), but yes, I can see the ‘gaming’ fraternity and relevant Neundo 8 features must be important to some. This doesn’t interest me personally in the slightest (but can see other uses for some of those features, thank you).

On the other hand, film post production is central to my interests, research and professional activities. And after all, Nuendo is promised as a Film-post platform (perhaps like Pro Tools) but for now seems a little fascinated by the burgeoning game production sector. Can we return to talking about the film-post features and keep an eye on that as well? Some others here have commented quite unfavourably about the ins & outs of (fairly awful) attempts at ‘round tripping’ between NLEs and DAWS. For 2017, this still seems terribly underdeveloped for so-called import ‘standards’, and still remains a dreadful time-waster when working with Film-post sound and music production.

In particular: There would seem zero reliable way to get sound into Nuendo from (say) NLEs DaVinci Resolve, FinalCut Pro, Adobe Premier. None of the import formats seem to work correctly or reliably and this includes: AAF, XML, AES31 or Open TL. Given this plethora of supposedly ‘open’ standards for sharing work, it remains remarkable that almost none appear to work reliably. The only thing that does work in my experience is to manually bounce out audio stems and video renders from the NLE, then to set up manually in Nuendo. ‘Round tripping’ appears non-existent for now.

So, with all due respect - Nuendo is a very fine platform & am also aware of the separate Stienberg thread dedicated to attempting to resolve AAF import problems. Can I suggest that at some point soon, the software development team might look closely at this exact aspect of ‘Film and post production’, i.e., specifically to improve the round-tripping, import standards debacle (and something which in my experience is by no means limited to Nuendo, rather, is highly problematic on most platforms (except for Pro Tools perhaps). However, I vote with my pocket and will no longer purchase any products from Avid nor Adobe given the obvious … I do want to support Steinberg however, given obvious good practices, products and communication.

Perhaps the import problems ‘might’ be solved within the Nuendo code itself. On the other hand that could be a real drag & compromise other aspects of its development (?). Meanwhile, as I’m sure you are aware, there are a number of specialist software vendors who dedicate themselves to ‘translating’ just one of the issues for various platforms, e.g., a FCPXML-to-AAF converter; an XML-to-Reaper converter etc etc.

I for one would be happy to support and pay for the development of a similar Steinberg tool. Simply needs to provide one in-out format for Nuendo, say, XML-to-OpenTL, or AES31, or AAF. Whatever. e.g.: save an XML in DaVinci Resolve, convert in the new Translator, and open the damn timeline perfectly in Nuendo. Wow, that would be a very much overdue welcome, welcome, thank you. Ditto, to solve the problem of return of the audio files /sync etc. That is, so that the parent XML-AAF (whatever) might have the option to reference the original audio files and edit those in place, while also returning new recordings /music to the video pool of the original NLE.

A Steinberg Translator anyone?


thank you very much for your detailled post. As stated in another thread, we are definitely commited to post-production as our main priority for Nuendo, even if you will also find game-oriented features in it (GAC2, Renamer). Within the next few months there will be more functionality coming to Nuendo, and that is 90% post-production. Also, the prio list shows things like Field Recorder Workflow and MXF video to be our top priorities after Nuendo 8.0.

Regarding formats: we are working continuously on AAF improvements for the last 4 years. AES31 is supported for a very long time. I believe especially with AAF we have made significant improvements over the last years. Saying that all this doesn’t work sounds therefore a little strange to me. However, I agree that there is room for improvement.

Regarding the conversion tool you are mentioning, I basically agree that this would be a good thing in theory. But as practice has shown various times, it is not as easy as it seems. One of the main issues with conversion is that you would need to have a very well defined standard. Neither AAF nor XML files are explicitly well defined. That is why we need to (and do) work on AAF continuously, because of many changes happening in other systems. That being said, we are striving for the best solution, no question, but we need to do one step after the other.

Anyhow, your comments and opinion on that are very much appreciated. Thank you for your support.


So, continue to supply problematic AAF’s or XML files to you, for investigation…?

(Just reading with interest… :wink: )


XML to AAF transfer from Final Cut X drove us crazy. At the end of the day we discovered X2 Pro 1.6 is no good. Version 1.5 worked. No Nuendo 7 issues on AAF import. Converting music tracks back into stereo in Nuendo7 made me very happy :slight_smile: