Great update, just a couple features missing... :)

With the latest update it’s getting closer for me to start working with Dorico, but there are still a couple of features I need before doing the final switch from Sibelius. So my question now is if it’s possible to get to know your plans for the following features, when they will be implemented and if the will be an update in version 1 or more like it in version 2?

• Select which instruments to play back (whithout having to mute in the mixer)

• I know chord symbols have been discussed a lot…

• Explode/arrange

• I can’t get the expression maps for GPO and JABB to work.(mutes etc) But maybe that’s due to that those are not officially white listed. (I’ve seen in the forum that I’m not alone with those issues) When will there be a manual for the Play-section. (especially a detailed explanation on how to set up the expression maps…)

• Still missing “Harmon mute” in the playing techniques. Those fancy symbols doesn’t work in the real world since they are too small and no one I’ve talked to have seen them before. (Is it possible to change the size of the symbols?) In the jazz-world it’s “Harmon mute”, eventually with the addition “no stem”, “half stem”, “w. stem”. The symbols look nice in the score but are imo impractical.

• Harp pedals

• Metric modulations. (which I asked in another thread.) i.e. Quarter = Dotted quarter

With the features above it’ll be possible for me to start using Dorico professionally and I’m looking forward to it. :slight_smile:

Some other features I’m longing for:
• Large time signatures
• Will it ever be possible to define my own playing techniques? (like the dictionary in Sib.)
• Filters (top note, 2nd note, dynamics etc.)
• Merge 2 instruments into one staff in the score (i.e. flute 1 & 2 etc)
• One of the most time saving features for me in Sibelius is the plugin Make Pitches Constant. (for making drum parts)

Best wishes
/ Mats :slight_smile:

All of these will be addressed in due course, but I can’t say when they will be added. I expect the majority of them to be part of the 1.x series of updates, but I can’t make cast-iron promises, as software development is hard, and things often turn out to be more complicated and time-consuming to implement than we initially think they will be.

Thanks Daniel, looking forward to next update! Any idea of when that one will show up? :slight_smile:

In another thread the answer was “by the end of the year”.

Ah, didn’t see that thread, thanx! :slight_smile:

That’s the current plan, but plans can change. There are not too many weeks left between now and the end of the year, and you shouldn’t expect any further update before the end of the year to be of the same kind of scope as the 1.0.10 update. We haven’t got lots of stuff in our back pocket already implemented that we chose not to include in 1.0.10.