Great Update!

Congratulations on the update Steinberg!

I just posted this at Gearslutz…

I downloaded and installed N6 yesterday. What a pleasure! I opened all the current projects I’m working on (album and final mix for tv) with absolutely no problems. All pluginns, all templates, Eucon MC Mix and Control, all settings from Nuendo 5.5 work perfectly right from the get-go.

I have to commend Steinberg on this release - I couldn’t be happier.

Also, there have been quite a few negative comments regarding the new mixer and the new colour scheme. I strongly disagree.

The new mixer has already improved my workflow and I’ve spent hardly any time getting to know it. In fact I haven’t even begun to use so many of the new features. I’ve never really used the channel strip much - which will probably change - so the ability to see all sends, inserts and faders on one screen is a major step up for me. The re-sizing and zooming of the mixer (‘g’ and ‘h’) is fantastic.

The darker colour scheme is also really appealing to me. I have already adjusted Windows 7 to match it closer. Strangely I find the darker colours easier on the eyes and everything more ‘visible’.

I will be upgrading everything to 64 bit in the near future when I move to Windows 8 and touch-screen. Let’s hope there’ll be good support for multi-point touchsreens - it is the way of the future.

I’m sure I’ll find some bugs as I get to use N6 more, but all in all a great start!