Great update!

Great update for me here…so far!

I really like the new layout - one small thing I really like…the transport at the bottom with metronome toggle visible without having the transport bar open is great! (I’ve been wanting this for years). Overall the layout is so much cleaner, less cluttered.

I just opened my current N7 edit/mix, a really intensive live music show project with video, without any problems whatsoever. Excellent!

Looking forward to getting into N8 over the next few days!

Great, thanks Robin!

Kind Regards from Hamburg HQ,

Timo and Team,

Thank you for this great update, also can’t stress enough how the pricing is very fair compared to the other guy’s! I’m not going to mentioning who but we all know.

Have a well deserved beer on me!


Thank you Tony, much appreciated!

Silly question. I only see the update installers on the support /download… do we have full installers? Also can we have a side by side install of Nuendo 7.1 and 8? In my example… Slate isn’t ready for 8 yet. it may be a month… so I need to run 7.1 for now but want to also explore 8. Is there a way to have a side by side setup? I’m on Mac. but I suspect windows folks may be in the same boat here.

Yup, I ran them like that yesterday just to check - should be the same on Mac

what did you do? Just install and since they are now numbered they don’t overwrite>?

Congrats to Steinberg for a great upgrade, the Direct Offline Processing is my favorite feature.
Opened all my old projects without any problems.
I made a stress test by slaving Nuendo (via VSTSystem Link) to Cubase Pro and abusing the transports like crazy…The video stayed perfectly in sync in Nuendo and never crashed.

Donadi Media - Orlando FL

I just installed N8 and N7 was still there untouched.

N8 opened with all of my preferences , key commands and project templates seamlessly!

I’ve already uninstalled Quicktime and so won’t be going back to N7.

After 2 days of heavy work N8 has performed flawlessly.

The white highlights on the automation points are a welcome addition. Much easier to see which points are active.

Also the icon on a wave file that’s been edited.