Great War Frolic

Hi folks,

while I’m working on another track I decided to upload a few older pieces from my orchestral collection.

This one, Great War Frolic, was originally intended as the background music for a video I wanted to make about my Grandpa’s world war one story. One day it will happen but for now I hope you enjoy this track. There is no story in the music but there is whimsy and pathos which, to me, are both very real sentiments which collided in those awful days of a hundred years ago.


I think you have captured a lot of nostalgic sounds
and musical memories of the age.

The strings on the left sound gramaphonic and the constant
snare echoes the militarism and jingoism of the era.

And it does sound frolicky, just as so many of the early
volunteers described it: a lark, a bit of an adventure
and they’d all be home by Christmas.

I have one suggestion. Given the tragic nature of the
conflict, perhaps you could have ended on a minor chord?

Fair point, Jet,with the minor chord. It certainly was a tragic time. One of the reasons this piece ended this way was because my Grandpa made it home and, as it was about him from a video point of view, I wanted the ending a bit more open ended.

Thanks for the listen and as always fascinating comments.


Hi Jonathan, did I hear this before, maybe? I appreciate what you are doing with this piece. It captures a mood and an era. It would be fabulous if you could get a live ensemble to record this; I think it would really shine.

I wish!

Thanks for listening and responding so nicely.


Ah well, if he made it back, that not only justifies your ending
but marks him out as one lucky fella. :wink:

Actually I was one of the lucky ones (along with the rest of the family). He was only 15 when he signed up in 1914, only 19 when he came home. He married a few years later and the rest is history. His story is fascinating but I’m biased. A few years ago I wrote a novel based on his war time experiences. If you are interested it can be found here as an iBook.

all the best


A clever piece of writing, I agree with Jet regarding ending on a minor and I thought the strings where a little dry,
some ambience is needed on strings…however, a very good piece of work…