Great work Steinberg!!!!!

Cubase 10 is awesome. I think I’ve ran into a bug or two, BUT it’s worth it and considering it just was released, I’m sure these will get fixed. Even if this never got an update, I’d still be super, super happy with it. This is going to make so much of my work so much easier. I kinda wanna cry at how good it is.

I love:

Improved VariAudio. (if you guys get polyphonic support in the future, I will have no reason to need melodyne anymore)

Track alignment/warping. (if you guys do this for pitch too, then I will have no reason to ever need to bounce things back and forth between Revoice anymore)

And I also absolutely love that you can now see multiple tracks with a new overlay in the audio editor window.

And I’ve been testing out the track alignment feature and it’s much better than Revoice. With Revoice, it would freak out if your target track had even one spot in it that was not the same as the reference track. So for instance, you couldn’t align an adlib/dub vocal track to a lead vocal track because the dub track would have lots of gaps where only the lead vocal would have audio… but with this, I can actually take a lead track and simply align it to the lead and it doesn’t freak out and try to match all the empty parts. And in Revoice, even if you wanted to match two vocal tracks that were practically the same but one had an extra word in it, it would freak out. But the algorithm in Steinberg’s vocal alignment works perfectly!!!

This is so awesome and will save me SOOOO much time.