Green Cursor is not visible on playback

Today using Dorico Pro 3.5 I am finding that when I run the playback the green cursor is not appearing. Assuming that I have inadvertently tweaked something I have spent some considerable time trying to find out what I might have done wrong. I cannot find anything. {I am running on a 2021 MacBook Pro, displaying my score in Write mode page view - the cursor does show in gallery view}

I have been using playback for months without problems. This challenge has got me flummoxed. Any ideas?

Does this problem affect every project, or just one? If the problem appears to be limited to a single project, perhaps you could attach it here?

Interesting it occurs on this file and others based on it as a template. My other projects are OK. Here is the file attached.
WSP (3) Asola (1532-1609).dorico (497.0 KB)

I can reproduce this – I’ll need some time to look into it, which is a bit thin on the ground right now, but I will come back to you.

One known case where this can happen is if you have multiple frame chains.

Thank you

Paul’s advice turned out to be correct: if you go into Engrave mode and edit the master pages, you’ll see that the frame index shown in each of the frames is MN, but if you pop open that menu there, you can choose MA for each of them, and that will restore the playhead during playback.

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Yes indeed that works.
Wow no wonder I needed help. Thank you.