Green line in video

I have a film which I converted to be this format:

23.98 fps
3.5 mbits/sec
1280 x 720 resolution
H.264 .mov format.

It plays beautifully in full screen on quicktime but when I use full screen in Cubase I get a thin green line at the top of the screen. its also a little sluggish to minimize the video back, since the right clicking on the maximized screen sometimes doesn’t bring up the menu.

I can convert the video again if there is a better format to work with but I’d like to have the best looking picture if possible.

Any idea how to get rid of the green line? other tips? Thanks

odd. the green line is gone but still hard to maximize and minimize sometimes. Fastforward is smooth but rewinding is jerky.

i found a trick for the maximized issue. if click on a different application window the focus will shift and i will be able to right click and minimize the video again, something i was unable to do with cubase as the application in focus.