Green notification number on my avatar?

hi ppl! :smiley:
New forum looks cool … kind of 2020-oid!
there is a little green blob with a number 1 in it on my avatar at the top of the page that looks like I have one notification to watch. What does that mean? I’ve been clicking around for a while now and I can’t find anything???

I think if you click on the avatar, you’ll get a little popup that will tell you what the number means. I believe it’s a notification of…something.

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yeah! that’s what I thought too, but in my browser that day at that time nothing happened when I clicked so I was confused … by the interwebs, so shoot me! :rofl:
Thanks anyway!

If we shoot everyone who has been confused by the interwebs at some point, there would be no one left to answer questions! :smiley: