Greetings and question related to UR22 C and Mac

Hi everyone, I imagine most of you are very proficient with audio tools and software, meanwhile I m right at the beginning and apologize for all the silly questions I may have, anyway I bought in March a UR 22C series and I connected to my mixer and speakers and until now I use it just for listening and not for recording, two days ago I try to make a recording using Garage version 10.3.5 with my Mac running Catalina version 10.15.7 . Here s what I found out, the apps ( Garage, Audacity, Logic Pro) don’t see the unit, If I do refresh the computer then I see it from the menu but once I open or start working with the app the listing of the UR22c disappear either from the sound preferences and from the app menu either in or out and the Mac its not reading it again. Does this thing ever happen to you? I use it just as plug and play, I didn’t download any Yamaha or steimberg software, can someone help? thank you very much indeed.

Your hardware is not plug and play. Here’s the URL for the latest USB driver for the UR22 C as of 26 Feb. It is not compatible with Big Sur. Steinberg, in its infinite wisdom, won’t let me insert a link here to the correct driver.

You just have to read some posts and interact on the forum a bit in order to post links. It’s an anti-spammer measure.

Makes sense; thanks.