Greetings Loungers!

Well, I made it! And with my new user name too! :smiley:

Thanks Steinberg, it looks good, I am familiar with 3.08, it is way better than version 2 that was running the old site! Well done! :sunglasses:

Cheers :stuck_out_tongue:

Robin :mrgreen:

Hi, Northwood … not so heuristic anymore? :wink:

Yes, I’ve moved on with my life, now I am NorthWood… I wanted to be HowlingUlf, but that was already taken! :laughing:

Hi NorthWood and HowlingUlf

I had no idea.
Your comment on the old forum makes sense to me now, concerning my post last night about the Travelin’ Wilburys.
Glad to see you here and hope we can all continue to be productive.

Hey dudes and dudettes, martin formerly leedsquietman checking in . check 1, 2, 3 …

I considered calling myself wowling hulf but decided against it at the last minute. :laughing:

Hahaaaaaaaaaa! :laughing: that would have been the most creative and original move you’ve never did, so maybe you LQM is a better idea after all! :wink: But sometimes I’ve wondered how and why “man”, “quite” and “Leeds” fits together? Maybe you explained that 200 times when I looked away in the old forum, or maybe it’s something for you to know and for the rest to wonder about?

Ya, they were in my mind a done deal, cast in stone… but I get your idea though… lots of bands have changed lineups!

What key are we in now ? :confused:


Sorry, that’s a Canadian joke really!

testing…testing…is this thing on?..hello hello…



Hello everyone. bows :sunglasses: :confused:

What?!..what?! it time to get up? :ugeek:

Leeds (UK) is my city of birth and I am male and actually quite shy . Hence the old name. Of course, the Cubase lounge corrupted me and turned me into a loud mouth :laughing:

LQM is kept as part of this, but also as it names my LiQuid Metamorphosis alternative rock project. Kill 2 birds with one stone …

Oi! Steady on. :confused:

Someone’s signed is as Tones2 as the mysteinberg sign-on :imp: , although I was able to use it as a nickname for the forum.


It’s OK if you intend to eat them.


I suppose it’s more humane than a south American friend of mine who, still getting to grips with English idiom, threatened to ‘put two rocks on a bird’.


I like the new look and being able to insert images in to the post is a nice feature, although I will need to figure that out.