Greg Ondo / Mapping Tempo Video with The Pretenders

Hey Gang,

MANY years ago Greg Ondo did a training video where he was able to map the tempo of a pretenders song (brass in pocket?) and then lock the audio TO that tempo grid so when changing speeds the song followed the tempo.

A. Anyone know where i can find this video? I have looked but cant find it.
B. Without the video…how can i take a 1980’s song cut without click, map the click, then LOCK the audio to the click…so when i take a variable click and change it to 130 bpm it follows?

Any help is appreciated.


  • Create a tempo map (different ways to achieve this depending on the track in question - „merge tempo from tapping“, „time warp tool“ „automatic tempo detection“…
  • „set definition from tempo map“ for the audio file and „activate musical mode“.
  • Done.

Not the video you mentioned: but covers the topic:

Or this one from Jef Gibbons:

This will fit the bill !!!

Many thanks!