Greg Ondo Volume Reduction Macro question

In this Cubase hangout video Greg creates a Macro to take an Audio Range, Cut it into a separate Part and lower the Volume on that Part.

There are a couple of steps in the Macro whose purpose I don’t understand. I’ve attached an image of the Macro.
reduce audio selection macro.png
The Macro assumes you have the Range Tool selected and have used it to define a Range on an Audio Part.

What is the purpose for these 2 steps:
A) Tool - Select Tool
B) Transport - Nudge +1 Frame

It’s to get the audio event selected, but I think it must work differently on Mac than on PC, because I have to nudge a few times to get the event selected.

I found this to work nicely:
Delete those two commands, and do this:

Locators to Selection
Activate Auto Select Events under Cursor
Select Tool
Go to left Locator

Now the event is selected, and the other commands can be sent.

Hummm, it worked fine on my PC with a single nudge. Maybe it’s a zero-crossing on/off issue.

Works fine for me, but Greg mentioned some time ago that the timing in macros sometimes are off, and adding a simple open and close transport panel in the middle often gives the macro/Cubase enough time to catch up.

Interesting. And good to know if only I can remember it. :unamused:

Actually, I was going through the commands manually, but maybe I missed something, if one nudge works for you guys… Anyway, those two commands are what makes the selection.

Not in front of my computer, but the single nudge did not work for me either . (I am on a mac also.) I had to use a couple of different commands, though It didn’t work consistently as I recall. I’ll give this a try. Thanks!

When Greg does it in the video with a single nudge it’s on a Mac & Steve needed more than one on a PC as did you on a Mac, so the number of nudges needed is likely not OS related. In any case a couple of extra nudges can’t hurt.