Greg Ondo's mouse


I learn a lot from Greg Ondo’s video’s. But there’s one thing that’s really annoying. He is is moving his mouse like a drunken musquito all over the place in a way that I completely get lost what he’s doing. Before he is clicking or selecting something, his mouse jumps all over the screen and I have to rewind the video to see what he is actually doing. It would be so much more instructional if he just slowly tells what he is doing and slowly move his mouse to this option.

Maybe Americans are more used to this, because they are used to watch ice-hockey. I just see a bunch of people skating around, without ever noticing where the puck is… :smiley:

I don’t think he is reading all the Youtube reactions, so maybe this will help.

And the Cubase 10 question is…?

He has said that he has poor eye sight, and might take a little longer to find the correct items in a menu.
That combined with the pressure of being live, can make any mouse/trackpad cursor jumpy.

There’s a feature in windows where you can hold control down and it creates a circle animation around the mouse pointer so you can locate it easily. I assume Greg is on Mac. There must be something similar :slight_smile:

On Mac, you wiggle/shake it fast a bit and it gets bigger… like some other things in life :wink:


That on its own could be enough to turn me to apple!:joy::joy::joy:

I encountered the same challenge when watching the videos. I agree with the suggestion to have an add-on enabled where all clicks draw a large circle. I’ve seen this on other tutorial videos that were Mac based, so I think it is possible with an add-on. It would also be helpful if he explained what he is doing and selecting as he’s doing it. Sometimes I watch the videos on a mobile phone, so it can be difficult to see the detail.

Back when Club Cubase used to be a traveling event I saw Greg present live 3 or 4 times. And yes he does have eyesight problems which seems to also impact motor control a bit. Greg is also super nice, incredibly knowledgeable about Steinberg products, and really listens to folks. It’s a package deal.

I agree about a click bubble of some sort.
I love Greg’s stuff, as Raino said he’s very knowledgeable and always thanking people for their participation, comes across as a very pleasant guy.
When he’s demonstrating stuff on something like Groove Agent though that has some very small buttons and settings it can get a bit confusing.

Click Bubble please Greg!

On a related note, I just saw on last night’s hangout that someone is compiling a full list of all the tips covered by Greg which will be loaded onto a Web page with links.

That will be awesome.


It’s live, it’s at
The site is a bit rough and ready but it works, you can search through 5000 clips and they are adding more.

Try a topic like “automation” and you will get tons of results which all take you to a clip of Greg explaining stuff. It’s very cool.