Greg's new professional Cubase PRO 8 advanced Videos!

Greg’s new professional Cubase PRO 8 advanced Videos!

I can recommend everyone to check out Greg’s professional Cubase PRO 8 videos.
Greg’s videos are always the best videos from Steinberg, focused on the advance user. :wink:

For those that don’t know who Greg Ondo is. He is a professional Master-Class instructor that represent Steinberg.

I think Greg’s videos are always the best videos from Steinberg. Greg Ondo video’s are more focused on the advance and professional user. I hope Steinberg would make more video’s with him, and make more video’s aimed for the advance and professional users.

The standard video’s are good too but sometimes the demonstration video’s are way to slow and basic.
I think many feel the same as me.

By the way Steinberg, please kill all the background music that plays in the background sometimes in all your video’s. The background music is just distracting even though the lately video’s of Cubase PRO 8 are far better compare to the old ones. These video’s from Greg -“Club Cubase” is a good example of exactly the kind of videos you should make more of! :wink:

Cubase 8 User Interface Enhancements

Cubase 8 Mixer Enhancements

Cubase 8 Advanced Rendering

Cubase 8 VST Bass Amp

Hope you all like it!

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It’s very impressive seeing these enhancements gathered together.

Yes! :slight_smile:

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i also like Gregs videos,especially those who are focused on subjects, like the videos you linked here.
the last year or so he does google hangouts which i like less(but still like : ) ),cuz it is so long and not focused and categorized by subject like the “regular” videos of his, many times the same subjects are covered.
but im sure every user has his prefered videos representations.

+1 Yes
The hangouts I like less too. The pro video’s on subject are the best ones.

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Hangouts are cool. I just wish they could index them somehow to get a sense of what is covered.

+1, that muzak absolutely does my head in!

Great videos.

They really sold me on returning to Cubase after a 10 year absence. :slight_smile:

Yes we are musicians. Music can be even more distracting for all us.

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Thanks for this! Great videos…I’m going to be upgrading from 6.5 so there’s going to be a lot of changes to get used to! Any vids like this really help.

…I just hope it runs as well as everyone says it does! I’ve seen that performance has been greatly improved?

Thanks for posting these - great videos / great summary of the C8 enhancements.


Thanks for the kind words and I am glad that you have found the videos useful. I should have some more done in the next week or so but have been busy with Cubase Pro 8 launch activities.

Some of the users are now indexing the google hangout topics covered in the comments field. We just take sent in and live questions and cover those so the nature can be a bit more dynamic. If you ever have a specific topic you want covered in a google hangout just let me know. We will be doing one on Cubase Pro 8 on December 22nd at 7PM Eastern US time.

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Made already a request to Greg, if it’s managable or not - his answer was NOT possible.
Is somewhere a YouTube limitation, I suppose.


Yeah, what I like about Greg’s videos is that he just tell what is what in a way that makes sense. Then you check it out and it works like described. I think I’m finally getting a little RTFM fatigue and having moving pictures and somebody telling you how the stuff works makes a lot of more sense in 2014.

Some other presenters fill their videos with bling-bling, especially at the start. I’m getting less and less entusiastic about brilliant intros that last for 120 sec …’

So kudos to Ondo!

Greg Ondo Cubase videos are simply the best!

It’s important to read the manual. But whenever I have a question, inevitably, my web search leads me to the answer contained in one of Greg’s video tutorials.

Club Cubase is an incredible gift to Cubase users.

Thank you!


I think HANGOUTS are great when you are watching them live and messaging/interacting (in real time) on the chat-room-board. But I don’t find them so much fun when watching them at a later period.


I am glad to say that I have the advantage of meeting with Greg every month at Club Cubase in Washington, DC. So it is so cool to see him on YouTube as well. It’s great to have someone representing Steinberg to meet with and answer your questions! If there is a Club Cubase meeting in your area, I would recommend it highly.

Wife once took me to a relaxation therapist, he told us to lay on the floor and empty our minds, then he fired up Pachelbel’s Canon to help everyone relax… no freaking way I was able to empty my mind then… no sir. Our kids used to study for exams with thumping house music blasting, they got straight "A"s… I would have flunked those courses miserably if I’d have studied like that, but I could have resequenced the tunes for the teachers no problem! :laughing:

There’s a 2 hour Club Cubase video with Greg covering all of the above, starts a little slow, but he’s a good presenter. Had the pleasure of meeting him at a Club Cubase session near Toronto one time, stand up dude. :sunglasses: