Grey lines on track panel? Does anyone know what that is?

Hello there, I noticed grey lines on the left side of the track panels, and it seems its like an indicator for linked channels or groups which belong together or something like that. But I don’t have linked anything in my project and it seems to be random. Does anybody know what that means, or is it a GUI bug?


Do you have a MCU compatible controller? Afaik those lines mark the 8 channels that are currently controlled (it’s always 8 because of the MCU protocol). I think with the new MIDI remote it is the same, at least I’ve seen those lines, too, when having my Nanocontrol in the mixer page. They’re also visible in the mix console.


Oh thanks, yes you’re right.
I had one to test, but sent it back. After removing the script the lines were gone.
Much appreciated!

I think those lines also show up when using banks of channels with the new MIDI Remote.