Greyed out in inserts slots

Hello, I made a group track and routed the necessary channels to it. Then I inserted 2 plugins. Their windows appeared, but in the insert slots they appeared greyed out and I could not change that. After closing their windows, I could not re-open them. I also could not make their inserts slots empty again, Also the plugins did not effect the audio on the group channel. Tweaking knobs when the windows were open did not change the sound. Of course I want the plugins to be fully functional on that group channel. How to do that, (The plugins were Nectar 4 Standard and Vocal doubler, both from Izotope. I also just send this problem to their support.) Any suggestions?

check this little icon

on the downside left corner. (the colour needs to be gray)


Make sure the Constrain Delay Compensation option is disabled, please.

Yes, that solved it. I won’t forget this anymore. Thank you Pablin and Martin.

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