Greyed out/Inactive Instruments


I have a very interesting problem and I’m not entirely sure where it started.

I tried opening an older project (about 3 weeks old) and couldn’t. It crashes while loading.

I tried disabling 3rd party plugins and it would open so I figured it was one of the plugins involved. Maybe an update I did made one wonky…

I started a new template and started importing the tracks one by one, trying to figure out the ‘faulty’ one. The weird thing was, by the time I got to the end, all tracks had been imported. I noticed while importing if I’d take multiple tracks at once, the chance of crashing where higher. but so far I was still very mistyfied as after multiple attempts, eventually I was able to load all tracks in.

After spending multiple hours trying to narrow something down I was inspecting instrument tracks, some of which where frozen and decided to try and unfreeze them, that’s when I noticed something weird. Some of them would unfreeze, but remain ‘inactive’. I was unable to open the editor for these instruments and trying to ‘refreeze’ them would give me an error saying:
“You cannot freeze an inactive instrument!”.

Now, I have some deadlines so my focus shifted as I wasn’t in a hurry to open the project.

Then today, while working on an entirely different project I tried opening ‘SINE Player’ by Orchestral tools and the freshly loaded instance would show the same ‘inactive’ state as the tracks from the ‘broken’ session. After fiddling around a bit with it and loading and deleting several instances, Nuendo crashed. I figured I might have the culprit and checked Orchestral Tools’ website and found an update. I ran the update, reloaded the session… Still greyed out… I’m at a loss, with deadlines breathing down my neck and Steinbergs’ tech support closed for the hollidays, I turn to you guys in hopes of answers. Anyone have any fresh ideas?



I’m happy to announce it has been resolved. Turns out the was a very old DLL stuck in a weird ‘update’ bug. It had installed a newer version of the plugin but the old one was not removed. This resulted in Nuendo trying to access this older DLL and it would fail to load correctly.

Deleting the old DLL and installing a newer update fixed everything.