Grid and triplet grid in audio editor

How do I get a visible grid in audio sample editor? And in this case a triplet grid.

Hi @PunXfolX,
Unfortunately you can’t… The triplet and dotted grids are still not available in the Audio Editor.
Personally I’m asking for them for many years. They should have been added at least a decade ago, but they aren’t…
I hope to see them soon! :slight_smile:

Best wishes,

yougottabekiddinme…??? :open_mouth:

The triplet and dotted grids are not integrated into the Audio Editor. They are only parts of the Key Editor and the Main Timeline window.
Yes, it sounds like a joke, but unfortunately this is the truth…

The triplet thing is really frustrating. To be clear though - They’re not available in the sample editor, they are available in the part editor.