Grid bug in Cubase 12

Grid and relative grid aren’t working as they should. This is on MacOS Catalina 10.15.7.

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As far as I know, it’s working like this since ever.

Btw, macOS 10.15 is not supported with Cubase 12.

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This is a bit confusing yes. The quantization applies to note lengths, not the end of the note. So if your note doesn’t start on the grid, the end locks to a place off grid as well.
When multiple notes are selected, I’m not sure what note is taken for the length, but maybe the top one.

The way to do this is Edit->Advanced Quantize->Quantize MIDI Event Ends.
You also can put the »Quantize MIDI Event Ends« command on a keyboard shortcut (Alt+Q or something) for quicker access. It aligns the end of all notes to the next grid point, from there you can drag them and they stay on the grid.


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I believe it is the first selected Note. If you have multiple Notes starting at the exact same time you can see which is first in the List Editor or by left/right arrowing through the Notes.


Yes, Cubase always takes the very 1st event from the multi-selection as reference. By the 1st, I mean the most left-top one, not the 1st selected.

In the gif it’s not the left most note, its beginning sits on the grid and the quantized ends don’t.
I recreated it and it’s actually the one you click, so you can have the note ends quantize to the grid by dragging the selection at the bottom note, or relative to any other note’s start like the top one in the gif.


Sorry, the order is most top-left.

Then which takes precedent - being further left or higher up?

The general order of notes in cubase is always note starts from left to right, when multiple notes are starting on the same timecode it’s from top to bottom.
So overlapping is solved left to right first, only if the beginning is the same, it’s top to bottom.

In this case the note order isn’t taken into account though, it’s decided by which note’s end is clicked for dragging.

While this usually seems to be the case I suspect there something else (like maybe the order of Note creation) that comes into play. I’m fairly certain I’ve run into situations where the first Note wasn’t the most upper Note in the chord.

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