Grid display request

I just have a minor request concerning the grid display. When in note entering mode, changing the grid resolution updates the display immediately, but in other modes, like when selecting a note which needs to be shifted horizontally, it doesn’t get updated, even after editing. AFAICS, it doesn’t get updated until one has entered another mode first. I’ve often shifted notes by an incorrect amount because I can no longer tell what the grid resolution is. It’d be really handy if a GR change would show immediately in all modes which display it.

Sorry, Vaughan, I don’t think I follow you. The grid itself only appears in the score when note input is active, and updates as soon as it is changed, but the indicator in the bottom left-hand corner of the status bar also updates as soon as the grid resolution is changed, so I can’t quite understand where you’re saying it doesn’t update.

Thanks for responding, Daniel. When I’m not in note input mode but still in a mode in which the grid shows above the systems, like with a note or group of notes selected and when pressing Alt, it doesn’t update if it gets changed. You’re absolutely right, it does update in the bottom left corner, just not above the systems. I often use this mode to shift notes horizontally and I sometimes get misled as to the grid resolution if I’ve needed to change it. I must remember to keep my eye on the bottom left corner…

Right, so it doesn’t update “live” if it changes while the system track is shown. I’ll make a note of this and see if we can figure out why that might be.