Grid does not line up in cubase pro 8.5

Hi i have a problem if anyone can help pls,the tempo and time signiture are ok but the grid does not line up to them,so what i mean is when i record midi notes the midi notes all line up with click tempo and time signiture but not with the grid,i am running on 64bit cubase 8.5 pro but i dont have this problem with cubase 7 64bit?

Have you got your MIDI track set to ‘linear time’ instead of ‘musical time’ perhaps?

I have tried both ways but no change it is still out

Very strange! So, if you open a new project the grid lines don’t match the tempo?

The grid lines in the midi editor or the time bar in the project window?

Thats right got me confused

Its the same everywhere

Ok i have worked out what its doing but still can not solve it,if i set tempo at 120 and time signiture at 1/4 the midi notes line up with click but but it doesn’t start recording notes right on bar 1 it is in the middle of bar 1 and 2,so meaning it starts recording and click in between bars instead of right on bar 1

Perhaps the time sig should be 4/4 not 1/4?

Where are the locators placed? Do you have the ‘punch’ locators or ‘punch’ record active?

What are you using as click source?

Are you using an external synth to generate your notes? If so, try using the bundled Halion Sonic SE to see if the timing gets better. Also, if you haven’t, try shutting down the computer (not just Cubase) and retrying.

This happened with me a few weeks ago, I did the above, and then the problem went away somehow. Now my external synth MIDI timing is back to normal, working well for what I do.

Hope this helps!

Thankyou to everyone that helped me solve this problem the credit goes to svennilenni for solving it,i had metronome
Set to midi sound instead of audio click sound,that was the problem