Grid in key editor is messed up

In my screenshot, the key editor has different numbers than the top part. My playhead is at 19.1 above but on 46 below. Is there a way to match the 2? Also, the grid seems to be messed up in my key editor. I played in the purple notes and then duplicated them and they ended up on the 45 line. The strange thing is it sounds perfect but the grid doesn’t reflect what I’m hearing. The first set of purple notes are not at the beginning of a beat (43) but the second pair of notes are right at the beginning of a beat (45).

Maybe this second photo will show better what I’m referring to. On the bottom, the F1 note is at the very beginning of my 8 bar loop yet the line of 43 is after the beginning of the note. Why is that? It’s confusing to me when I see this.


In the Project window upper part (arranger), you are not using Bars & Beats ruler. Please switch it to the same ruler.

Ahh yes, thanks! It’s amazing how easily something so simple can get out of whack and I didn’t even realize it.