Grid is locked at 5/4

Hi. I made a song recently where I changed some time signatures. Now, I have a problem where the grid is locked to 5/4 signature, even though the click track goes in 4/4. This means that the snap to grid doesn’t work as it should either. If I change time signatures, nothing happens with the grid, and making a new project or even restarting Cubase won’t work.

Can anyone please explain to me why this is happening? At the moment I can’t make any songs because of this.

Yep, but since you don’t give specific info as to where you made the changes and what you did to try to fix it I’d just be guessing.

All I did was to activate a time signature track, and change the time signature at the end of the song. Making a new project, the grid shows 5/4 while the clicktrack goes in 4/4. Pressing ctrl+t and viewing the tempo track editor, the grid in there is 4/4, and shows correctly. This means that the grid is basically just bugged at 5/4 in the main project window, while everything else in cubase tells me it’s 4/4.

Edit: I am working in Cubase 5 btw.