Grid is not changing and Click track falls off sync

Blessings I am coming from Cubase 10 pro to 12 pro - I am taking advantage of a trial (there have been a few issues) and I have imported audio (a beat from an mp3 file) and have used the beat calculator “tap space bar” option to find the tempo as suggested in help videos. The track seems to be 116 BPM (whick I have set the"Tempo" at. but after about 8 bars of being perfect, it falls off timing. ??? Additionally, the beat is not long enough (not Cubases issue) but as I have duplicated the audio to another track and I am attempting to line it up the two tracks (which is hard to do, due to the click track not being on beat) the “Grid” of my project will not change views, even though I am changing it in the drop-down menu box. There is no visual change, and as I drag the audio back and forth on the tracks there is no difference in the “snapping into place” either. Please help with both of these issues.

This has become a very popular video lately (rightly so too).

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Appreciate the information and video. The problem of the grid not allowing me to make smaller increments 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64 etc…is still an issue. What am I doing wrong or is it a software issue?


Are you sure you don’t sync the Grid size with the Zoom level, please?

Perhaps you could post a screenshot so we can see what you’re seeing.

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