Grid issues in piano role

Hey Guys

Just bought Cubase 6 upgrade from version 4 and having some 2 issues with the piano role.

  1. When I change the horizontal zoom it resets after I close and re-open the window. (I looked all through the preference list and tried de-selecting ‘Zoom Tool Standard Mode: Horizontal Zooming Only’ which didn’t work, also check through the manual and cant seem to find any reference about sorting it).

  2. The grid in the piano role does not change when the Quantize/gird setting, it just keeps the same 1/4 grid.

Have these things been the same in cubase 5 or is this all just new to 6? Would really appreciate any ideas about possible solutions.

I think that the grid visually stays in 4/4 but as you edit the notes they will snap to either dotted or triplet values.

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You can alter the grid elements appearance (line thickness) in Preferences. Any help?

But what its not doing is showing the subdivisions, in Cubase 4 when changing the quantize to 1/16 the grid displayed lines for each beat. When your trying to do complicated sequences and you want to draw parts in it makes a massive difference, also when you want to check how much the quantize has affected things or want to see at a glance if there are any discrepancy in the Quantize it’s very useful.

I cant seem to find this in the preference section, what sub menu does it fall under?

Thanks guys

Prefs>appearance>work area

HAHA man so stupid, the way I set the colouring up made the sub divisional lines invisible!! Thanks!

So only other thing to work is how to stop the piano role resetting the zoom setting when you open and close the window?