Grid lines and subdivision

I can’t do this in my new Cubase Pro 11. Very dissapointed, its one thing I really missed while using other programs.

Using 4/4 time as an example, the ability to differentiate downbeats, upbeats and offbeats (1/4- 1/8 - & the 1/16ths between them) visually on the background of both editors & the arrange page.

I certainly had this ability in a previous version, and was annoyed to discover you’ve abandoned a useful, time & EYE-saving feature.

Bring it back, please.

See Click Patterns for this in C11 and note:

If you want to visualize the current click pattern in the Project window, Key Editor or Drum Editor event display, activate Use Metronome Click Pattern Level for Grid Line Emphasis in the corresponding ruler context menu. This is useful if Snap is activated and the Snap Type is set to Grid.