Grid lines have disappeared on some tracks

Not sure if this is normal but it seems that when I use the glue tool, the grid lines for those tracks disappear. The volume control in the track (the little dot in the top centre of the track is also disabled. Is this normal?

Hi and welcome,

Could you attach a screenshot, please? If you glue multiple Audio Events, an Audio Parts is created. Audio Part doesn’t have the Volume controller, so this seems to be as specified. I’m not sure what exactly do you mean by the grid.

Got the Same problem - can’t get the lines back and seems to be related to using the Glue tool

Hi and welcome,

I think I got it now…

When you glow multiple Audio Events, the Audio Part is created. Audio Part doesn’t contain Fade-In/Out, Volume, etc. Is this the case?

Yes that is the problem . Had to dissolve Part to get the lines back . :slight_smile: