Grid points also for event-based fades

Granted: This is probably only an issue for very few people. But I would wish if the grid points would also work for event fades. I’m currently retroactively editing a project where it would be very helpful if I could align the fades to the cursor. (So I always have to zoom in really deep into the project to align fades with existing fades.)

How about using Fade In/Fade Out from Cursor?


I should look at the main menu more often. :innocent:
I have now created a key command, because otherwise it takes too long to always go through the menu. I work a lot with the mouse. Therefore a shortcut is the second best option.
However, in my particular case, I would prefer not to need a keyboard shortcut for working on the laptop.

But thanks for the tip. So it is already much faster than before. :+1:

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you can “use mousewheel for fades and clipgain” in preferences (i think it is called that)
then fades snap to grid (select clip,move mouse over clip, shift+mousewheel up or down)
i hope it helps


Thanks for the tip. I used this function at the beginning, but it happened again and again that I accidentally changed the volume of some events while navigating. That’s why I turned the function off after a few tries. :slightly_smiling_face:
(I’m probably just too stupid to use Nuendo properly. :crazy_face:)

Yea, happened a lot to me also. Thats why i always hit “deselect all” keycommand after clip is now in my muscle memory.
But option for adding a modifier key for that would be nice