Grid resolution in sample editor .. and smore...

Hi all:)

I have a few questions and comments (all relevant to the last sessions and seemingly recurring time after time)

Thank you if you can answer the questions dear people…
And, thank you steiny for hopefully having an open ear for the comments…


-> Sample editor grid - is 1/16 the maximum free warp resolution of the sample editor grid?

-> Can i set the zoom sliders to “zoom to selected event” and not “zoom to timeline crosshair”?


-> Imported tracks from other projects should be imported at current project speed.

-> One should be able to preview single tracks or the project in “import from other tracks” menu. Cubase could make a snapshot of the project as an mp3 which one can slide to different parts of the song (like online music stores letting you skip through the track some)

-> the transient dulling of warped beats (beat loses attack and sounds like it is under a pillow) needs a look at -it works somewhat well when bounced first… Should be ok without bouncing first tho…

-> Frozen tracks - frozen events should be able to be duplicated, moved, deleted and have useable fx inserts. - the freeze should only “freeze the sound and unload the vst”
(P.s. When you add a vst fx to a frozen track it is “off” and you cannot remove it from the slot anymore)

Thank you kindly.

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Yes, there are just a few presets in the Samole Editor.

What do you mean by this? It depends if the Audio event is in Musical Mode or not.

everytime i use this feature, i have to resize and rethink the imported track (audio events are not the same size or speed… )
I believe that , if possible, the imported track should sync nicely with the project.
If cubase has to take a “snapshot” or “bounce” of the import and change everything “as-is” into a musical mode to sync it up, so be it.
Every import should adapt to the current project tempo/sync settings. - no matter what goes on in the background during import or what mode the material is in - or have an option to tick in the import dialog

Thats what i mean…

Because when you import something, it usually needs a lot of editing to make it “fit” again

example: you use a vocal sample and you only have 2 words of 10 words playing in the track. the rest of the audiofile has been resized so you can resize the audiofile again later and use other parts of it. (not bounced to a limited space but resized to edit it more later on) when you import a track like this, the timing is totally off…

–>Actually-> you know what? I think it is somewhat working again… I thought that it imported all material out of sync, but i guess i was just unlucky with the material i had used for import. This is not so much of a priority anymore. Thanks for your help and solidarity.

-If there could be any advances in the import field it could be:
->Prelisten tracks or project ( short low quality playable mp3 snapshots /accessible in the import dialog)
->Search through all projects function per keyword (audiofile name or track name/accessible in the import dialog)
->“imported track is not in musical mode and is likely to not be synced with current project” warning dialog on import with the option of “do you want to import the track(s) synced? -yes or no” pop-up /accessible in the import dialog)

These are used every session : (and many others, but i am just scratching on the the surface of things)
-sample editor grid having its own grid menu would be nice…
-Zoom sliders fixed on event selection - Possible?
-transient dullling thing
-frozen track editability (not every session , but every other)