Grid resolution

In Key Editor how do I keep the grid resolution from changing when selecting the Quantize resolution?

E.G. I want 32nd grid resolution using 1/8 Quantize selection, or in other words keeping the grid resolution from changing.

I don’t know of a way, as the grid is determined by the Quantize value. What are you trying to accomplish, if I may ask?

I use a 32nd or more grid resolution when moving / editing values in Key Editor & I typically use a 16th value for quantizing.
I dislike having to switch back & forth. It’d be useful if the grid had a default resolution setting.

Would it be useful to set up key commands for for moving by 32nds? (in the logical editor) ((or have you already done that?))

No, I’ve never setup key commands in logical editor.
Would you briefly explain please?

“No, I’ve never setup key commands in logical editor.
Would you briefly explain please?”

Are you talking about the Key editor or the logical editor?
You mention both in your posts.

I have key commands set up to change the quantize grid between
8ths, 16ths, 32nds, when working in the key editor
I also have one for switching between straight and triplets.

It can be quite fast one you get used to it.
Probably the quickest way to do what you want.

It sounds like key commands are my best choice.
I’ll definitely try them out. I suppose setting them up is in the manual or video online.
Unfortunately my head is still stuck in how my previous daw functions so please bear with me!

You are going to love this.
Open the Logical Editor and create and save a preset that moves or changes the length to the selected note.

Top pane:
Property, Property is set, Event is selected

Bottom pane
Position (or Length), Add (or Subtract), PPQ

Make sure ‘Transform’ is selected in the Function pop-up menu at the bottom

Once you’re done with that, Go into Key Commands>Process Logical Preset and assign a key command to the preset.

Great- thank you for posting this!
I’ll check it out.


I followed your directions but don’t see the '16th add ’ preset that I saved when I open the Process Logical Preset window to add a command.
see pic att.

I must be overlooking something but don’t know what.
Also what does this ‘16th add’ do exactly?


Cubase might need to restart in order to load the new preset.

It adds the value of a 16th note to the length; really 119 ticks. 120 would equal a 16th note, with the PPQ base at 480 (the default)

I have a couple for lengths, and a couple for moving start positions. I mainly did it to be able to control that stuff in Score edit.

Thanks Steve,

Yes, a restart needed.

It’s works well & will start using this more. One thing I’m noticing though is that it doesn’t work using the midi drop down menu. The others presets listed there do, not sure why.

Also my F keys except for F6 are no longer working, wondering why that is. (or what I did!)

Well I did a reset & got my F keys back.
I’ll eventually get the hang of this…

Does it work with the midi drop down menu too? I just had a look, it does work here. (I’ve never used the menu for it…)

No, I rebooted this time but still the drop down user preset doesn’t do anything.


I just tried a few things-making new presets, deleting, re-naming, duplicating, always re-opening projects & the end result is always the same.
The first listed user preset in the drop down midi menu never works, the second, third do.
They all work using key commands.